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Episode 1: Welcome to the Jungle

Get ready to journey back to the early 90s, where the rise of grunge, alternative rock, and hip-hop marked a new era of rebellious sound.

Episode 2: Soul Power

Brett’s life is a classic Hollywood story of triumph and tragedy. Born in New York to an influential music manager, he grew up surrounded by R&B legends.

Episode 3: Freaks of the Industry

Brett is handed the keys to one of LA’s hottest nightclubs, Dragonfly, and he quickly becomes one of Hollywood’s top club promoters.

Episode 4: Homicide Investigation

A dark shadow is cast over Hollywood with the news of Brett Cantor’s murder sending shockwaves throughout the music industry.

Episode 5: Everyone Has Secrets

The show must go on in Hollywood, and Brett’s ten percent ownership in Dragonfly is passed on to his brothers, Cliff and Marc.

Episode 6: OJ Simpson Trial

Another tragedy strikes Hollywood less than a year after Brett Cantor’s murder, putting a spotlight on his case once again.

Somebody Knows Something

The LA nightclub world is often described as a “dirty, dirty business,” with its top brass adept at navigating the murky waters of power, money, and fame.

Episode 8: DNA Evidence

The investigation into Brett Cantor’s unsolved murder continues, with Rose McGowan determined to seek justice for her former boyfriend.

Episode 9: We Live to Remember

This special episode honors Paul Cantor and his son Cliff, who passed away in 2014. We revisit the thirty-year-old cold case of Brett Cantor.

Episode 10: Cold Case Roundtable

In the final episode, Paul Stenning, music journalist and bestselling author, leads a roundtable discussion with the Dragonfly investigative team.