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A dark shadow is cast over Hollywood with the news of Brett Cantor’s murder sending shockwaves throughout the music industry.

In this exclusive episode, we speak with retired homicide detective Rick Jackson, who led the original investigation into Brett’s case in 1993. Jackson offers his perspective on who might have been responsible for Brett’s murder and sheds light on the evidence left behind by the killers.

In addition, we interview those who knew Brett best, including his family, business partners, his former girlfriend, Toni, and his two closest friends, Doug and Amy. We attempt to piece together the events that unfolded during the final week of Brett’s life, leading up to his tragic death.

This also includes discussing Brett’s rivalries with competing club promoters and a rumored love triangle to explore potential motives for his murder.

Narration: Jacy Nova and Thom Dre


  • Rick Jackson: Retired Homicide Detective, LAPD
  • Pat Tapia: Retired Homicide Detective, LA County Sheriff’s Department
  • Marc Cantor: Brother of Brett Cantor
  • David Schockett: Dragonfly nightclub owner
  • Steve Edelson: Dragonfly nightclub owner
  • Toni: Ex-girlfriend of Brett Cantor
  • Amy: Best friend of Brett Cantor
  • Doug: Promoter and best friend of Brett Cantor

Show Notes

  • Executive Producer: Casefile Presents
  • Producers: Jacy Nova, Pat Tapia, Thom Dre, Marc Cantor, and Georgie Rutherford
  • Audio Producer: Christopher Lang
  • Writers: Jacy Nova
  • Designer: Paulina Szymanska
  • Music: Audiojungle
  • Recording Studios: Laguna Sound and Network Studios

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