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The investigation into the unsolved murder of Brett Cantor continues. Despite the trail of clues growing cold, actress Rose McGowan continues to seek justice for his family. In 2006, she meets LA Police Chief Bratton by chance, and he agrees to take another look at Brett’s case.

With new DNA technology to test items from the murder scene, Detective Jackson and his partner make an astonishing discovery, leading to a potential new person of interest, but are they a DNA match?

This newfound evidence leads to even more twists and turns in Brett’s cold case, reignited by Rose McGowan’s unyielding determination and the utilization of cutting-edge investigative techniques. 

Narration: Jacy Nova and Thom Dre


  • Rick Jackson: Retired Homicide Detective, LAPD
  • Pat Tapia: Retired Homicide Detective, LA County Sheriff’s Dept
  • Rose McGowan: Actress and ex-girlfriend of Brett Cantor

Show Notes

  • Executive Producer: Casefile Presents
  • Producers: Jacy Nova, Pat Tapia, Thom Dre, Marc Cantor, and Georgie Rutherford
  • Audio Producer: Christopher Lang
  • Writers: Jacy Nova 
  • Designer: Paulina Szymanska
  • Music: Audiojungle
  • Recording Studios: Laguna Sound and Network Studios

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