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Brett Cantor’s life is a classic Hollywood tale of triumph and tragedy. Born in New York in 1967, Brett grew up surrounded by R&B legends and the influence of his father, Paul Cantor, who managed Dionne Warwick’s career for 19 years. Music was not just a passion for Brett; it was a birthright, and he seemed destined to follow in his father’s footsteps.

In 1972, the Cantor family moved to Beverly Hills, placing them in the epicenter of Hollywood’s elite. Brett and his two brothers, Cliff and Marc, faced the challenges and temptations of growing up in the limelight.

Brett became a music promoter at 18, and he quickly made a name for himself in the competitive underground club scene. However, his rapid rise to success came with its own set of pitfalls, including making some enemies along the way.

Fast forward to December 1992, and Brett’s life was hitting all the right notes as an A&R executive for Chrysalis Music and a partnership offer at the infamous nightclub, Dragonfly. But as fate would have it, unexpected events led Brett down a dangerous path, and he found himself in the lion’s den.

Narration: Jacy Nova and Thom Dre


  • Pat Tapia: Retired Homicide Detective, LA County Sheriff’s Department
  • Ronnie Cantor: Mother of Brett Cantor
  • Marc Cantor: Brother of Brett Cantor
  • Amy:  Best friend of Brett Cantor
  • Doug: Promoter and best friend of Brett Cantor
  • Toni: Ex-girlfriend of Brett Cantor
  • Carlos Williams: Friend of Brett Cantor
  • David Schockett: Dragonfly nightclub owner
  • Riki Rachtman: MTV VJ and Cathouse nightclub owner
  • Les Borsai: Music Promoter
  • Paul Stenning, Music Journalist

Show Notes

  • Executive Producer: Casefile Presents
  • Producers: Jacy Nova, Pat Tapia, Thom Dre, Marc Cantor, and Georgie Rutherford
  • Audio Producer: Christopher Lang
  • Writers: Jacy Nova and Bryce Berman
  • Designer: Paulina Szymanska
  • Music: Audiojungle
  • Recording Studios: Laguna Sound and Network Studios

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