Dark Side of Hollywood

We introduce Patrick Tapia, a 38-year law enforcement veteran and retired homicide detective for the LA County Sheriff’s Department. We examine the city’s insidious underbelly in 1993 from gang wars in to the nightclub club scene. We explore the seedy characters who played a starring role in Hollywood’s dark side and how it may have led to Brett Cantor’s mysterious murder.

Deadly Fate

We look at Brett Cantor’s early years growing up in Beverly Hills and later as an A&R rep for Chrysalis Records. We follow his rise as a music mogul that led to a lucrative partnership in Dragonfly and his fated love connection with Rose McGowan. We speak with his family and friends to retrace Brett’s final days leading up to his murder on July 30, 1993.

Murder Investigation

We follow the trail of clues left behind in the shocking aftermath of Brett Cantor’s murder. We speak with Rick Jackson, the original homicide detective assigned to Brett’s case and he takes us back to August 1993 to discuss the investigation. Together, we unearth details about Brett’s complicated love life, speak with close friends, and discuss his ongoing feud with other nightclub promoters.

OJ Simpson Trial

Detective Rick Jackson takes us behind the scenes of the OJ Simpson trial. We investigate how Brett Cantor’s case became the subject of renewed interest when OJ’s defense team tried to tie his murder to the stabbing death of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. We uncover new information about Brett’s case and explore the many conspiracy theories surrounding his cold case.

Clues From the Other Side

With the help of three esteemed psychic detectives: Debbie Malone, Troy Griffin, and Jusstine Kenzer, we go beyond the grave to unveil supernatural revelations about Brett Cantor’s cold case. The information we uncover is not only chilling, but it offers new clues from the other side on why Brett was murdered—solidifying more reasons to re-examine his case.

Person of Interest

We speak exclusively with Rose McGowan about her relationship with Brett Cantor. She shares how her meeting with LA Police Chief Bratton ignited a renewed interest in his cold case in 2006 and leads to a new person of interest.

Roundtable Discussion

In a final roundtable discussion led by retired homicide detective Pat Tapia and Paul Delhauer, we conclude the Dragonfly series with an exclusive look inside the history of Brett Cantor’s cold case. The team shares new details we discovered in our year long investigation and how listeners can help solve his case.